About Bobby Caples

Welcome! You’ve stumbled across the web hub for Bobby Caples. From here, we’ll gladly pass you off to one of several sites that will no doubt take bragging and self-branding to a new level. Want to see great new recipes from Mr. Caples? We’ve got you covered. Latest musings on education? Yep. What about random pictures from scooter rides around town? That too.

Part of this project has just been for plain old fun – a way to share some of the randomness that seems to drive daily life. On a more serious note, Bobby launched his consultant practices focused on best practices with community-based education. Maybe we’ll reel you in through a random post on food, and be able to direct you on toward something more useful. Or maybe not, but fun’s been had in the process!

So, about Mr. C:

Bobby Caples was born in Covington, KY just across the river from Cincinnati. At age 5, his family moved across the river to Ohio, where lived until he left for college. Bobby Caples attended Catholic schools from grades 1-12, an experience which was foundational to his later career in the education and nonprofit sectors. His mother was a social worker, and his father – who passed away when he was young – was the operations manager for a local restaurant chain.

Mr. Caples attended St. Xavier HS in the 1990s, a school known as much for its academics and college prep focus as its emphasis on social justice. As part of the school’s focus on social justice, Bobby Caples participated in a service trip in between his junior and senior year, which opened up a new world to him. For one of the first times, he had experienced both the beauty and despair of people living in poverty

In college at the University of Virginia, Bobby Caples continued his interest in social justice and activism by working and volunteers at various community centers during the year, and working at a summer camp for kids with chronic illness each summer. As his college career progressed, Mr. Caples moved from being interested in social justice as a side topic to becoming focused on it as a career. He became passionate about community-based supports for kids living in poverty, but came to experience that many services available weren’t as effective as he’d hoped. He still saw many kids remaining unsuccessful, despite the best efforts of both himself and those around him.

Curious about what else could be done, Bobby Caples went to graduate school for school psychology in 2002. His focus in college (in the classroom) was understanding the problem, studying sociology and related topics. In graduate school, his focus was on how to be a part of the solutions of those problems. During graduate school at the University of South Florida, Bobby Caples focused on academic and behavioral interventions for struggling students, and always tried to make the connection between those strategies and their applicability in community-based settings. His thesis for his Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree focused on those connections, specifically exploring the effectiveness of social skills training in an after-school program setting.

In 2005, Mr. Caples moved to Virginia again to complete his internship. He worked in two schools providing school psychology services. He conducted a number of evaluations for intensive school services, including special education, and was part of a team of dedicated individuals providing more intensive behavioral and academic support services to students. Both schools served children living in low-income and high-risk neighborhoods.

After the completion of his internship in 2006, Bobby Caples moved to Greenville, SC, where he founded YouthBASE, a nonprofit that combined evidence-based behavioral and academic support services with after-school programming. YouthBASE was the culmination of years of experience and studying both problems facing kids from low-income backgrounds as well as the most effective solutions.

Mr. Caples has also worked as a professional DJ since the early 2000s, a side career that began with his work in community centers in college, and eventually took on a life of its own. In 2010, Bobby began focusing more heavily on DJing as a career, and began to formulate ideas for a new nonprofit that would combine his passion for social justice with his music career. After serving YouthBASE for several years, he left to focus more heavily on his new project, which he hopes to launch soon.