Be Kind and Give Back

There are many ways you can give back to your community, and this does not have to be limited to what season it is.  Just because the holidays are coming up does not mean that we shouldn’t be thinking about community service ideas all year round.  Because most likely, when it’s not the holidays is when people in need really need us.  So, the following are a few simple, yet effective, community service ideas not centered around the holidays that you should think about participating in all year round:

First, you can partake in something as simple as a bake sale to raise money for a charity of your choice.  Bake sales are an easy and fun way to raise money and give people in your town a treat to eat.  You can even think about donating the funds to local charities in your community, such as a nearby homeless shelter, or for larger organizations such as the red cross.  Just remember, if you pick a charity that you are interested and passionate about, you will be more willing to dedicate your time to that particular cause.  So, make sure you bake for an organization you really care about – no matter how small or large of a scale it is on.

Another community service idea that can benefit not only your own community, but the world as a whole is being aware of the environment and picking up trash.  If you really want to capitalize on this service task, spread the word around to your town and get an entire group of people together to help out.  As the say, the more, the merrier.  And that is no exception when it comes to being environmentally aware.  The great the amount of people that care about the environment is, then the better a chance we have to really improve it’s conditions.

A third way to give back to the community is to donate.  There is no reason why you should be keeping all those old clothes that you never wear in the back of your closet, or even extra comforters you keep after you buy new ones.  Clothes and blankets are things that many homeless shelters need at all times.  Every couple of months, go through your closet and storage in your home and see if there are any items you can give away or donate to shelters or even foster care homes.

Lastly, another way you can help out your community is to write letters to those who need more love in their life.  Whether it’s for troops overseas, the elderly at nursing homes, or even sick children in hospitals – it’s important for everyone to know that they matter, no matter where they are in life.  Just think of the smile you will bring to a senior citizen when he or she opens a surprise letter in the mail from an anonymous kind soul.  Or think of the hope you’ll bring to a sick child in the hospital suffering from a fatal disease, because sometimes hope is all they need to hang on just a little bit longer.

Always remember, be kind and give back, because you really never know who you’re saving.  Every part of community service counts, but it’s up to you to commit to it.  For more information on ways to help out in your community, read this article published by Global Youth Service Day.