Bobby Caples celebrates 15 years in the game!

Hey folks! Quick request – working on updating my bio, and thought I might get your feedback. Every so often I realize that, well, I’m getting older, but I choose to see that as more experienced. With more experience, sadly, comes an inevitable outdating of one’s bio. So, what do you think? (Side Note: This one is intended for a lighter context, somewhat as an alternative to the more formal, stuffy bios that I’ve sometimes used).

Here we go:

Bobby Caples stumbled into the field of education 16 years ago when invited by a close friend to help out for a week at a camp in Florida for kids with chronic illness. He had more pressing plans to pursue a career in law, but after a week at camp, he realized his time could possibly be used a bit more effectively. During college, he continued his community volunteer work, becoming more curious why some kids did some of the things they did. (He thought) he had a sense of why – from a systems perspective – some of those issues were happening, but he didn’t know what to do about it. So, after college, he decided that more school was the best route, and (almost) got a PhD in School Psychology. He ended up with a degree with close to that, and most of the experience & training he would have gotten with a doctorate, and most importantly – he had some ideas about what to do about the problems he saw while in college.

He spent a little time in more formal educational settings, but (not surprisingly) found out that his ideas were perhaps better implemented through new projects. In 2006, Mr. Caples (hey, we need to be a little bit formal, right?) moved to SC to implement what was essentially his (unpublished, unfinished) doctoral dissertation – a culmunative statement of what could actually happen if you did the best things possible in an after-school setting. Long story short, that (basically) worked, and the project became an established organization.

In 2012, Bobby left SC to work on new projects, and help other people with their projects as well. He now comes up with ideas ranging from program evaluation to activity design, and convinces people to listen to him, which surprisingly sometimes works.

Bobby Caples may enter the trenches again at some point, but is now enjoying life on the outside of the daily grind of daily after-school programming through education & youth development consultation.