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The problem with education is now evidence-based practice? Hmmm…

I may have heard it all, folks! In this new blog post by Harry Boyte (The Problem With Technocrats In Charge), Harry Boyte essentially makes the case that the problem with education is…best practice. I do take a bit of liberty when I reduce his argument down to that, but that’s what I’m reading essentially. A bit more fleshed out,… Read more →

Metaphors Over Facts – The Power of Narrative

I came across this article a few days ago and found the premise interesting, but not completely surprising – that we, as humans, are more drawn to and motivated by metaphors and facts. This is, after all, the power of advertising – getting us to want something without directly selling it. The article referenced above does a good job of… Read more →

Should We Let Kids Decide Educational Policy?

First, let me state unequivocally that I care what students think about education. We should ask them frequently, and incorporate that feedback. Diane Ravitch, in a recent blog post, seemed to advocate though that we should allow students to actively make decisions about intricate elements of educational practice and policy independently. More specifically, she praised a 3rd grader for, independently, opting… Read more →

Authentic Choice

Note: This blog post has been cross-published on Most of the time when we give kids a choice, it’s pretty clear to them what we want them to choose. Sure, you’re giving them the choice between finishing their work and missing recess, and they can choose, but my experience has been that giving such choice is only step 1 of building authentic choice.… Read more →


Note: This commentary has been cross-published on Just a quick observation in response to a recent post on another education blog. Over the past few years, there has been continuous focus on “over-test” of students, from curriculum-based type assessments such as DIBELS to, of course, full-blown state tests that “count.” A recent blogger felt that, in her experience, the… Read more →