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Amazon Prime

Been putting it off for quite a while and spending the extra per order on better shipping (or just shipping period), and finally made the effort of spending the $99/year fee, and very glad I did! The 2-day shipping is pretty great, and actually is a bit better than 2-day shipping – seems that about 80% of the time it… Read more →

A Lesson From Behavior Management

Note: This commentary is cross-published at┬á One of the first lessons most educators learn about behavior management is to promote replacement behaviors. Don’t just tell kids what you don’t want them to do, but what you want them TO do. It seems that some folks positioning themselves as leaders in education (anti) reform have yet to learn this lesson. Highlighting… Read more →

Growth Mindset

Was so happy to come across a recent blog post by another educator about this TED video┬áby Carol Dweck explaining her research on what she calls the “Growth Mindset.” My 20 second summary is essentially summed up in 2 points: Our brains can grow smarter, and do so primarily by engaging in challenging material. If we change our perception and… Read more →

City Working to Help Motorists Traveling on Woodruff Road

With the holiday season quickly approaching, and so many popular shopping destinations located on Woodruff Road, the Greenville Police Department will be providing traffic control at key intersections around Magnolia Park and The Shops at Greenridge beginning the day after Thanksgiving and continuing throughout the month of December. …read more From:: Greenville News: Read more →