Rain on a scooter

So you may have seen above that I actually have a blog dedicated to scooters, but I thought this post made more sense on this blog – a more general, random-thought kind of blog if you will.

It’s raining today. And I’m on my scooter. And I’m not close to home. And this is a pain. Yet, it’s not. Here’s my point, and the short and quick point about why I’m posting: Sometimes, the better and more meaningful thing in life is actually a little bit more of a pain. Normally, trying to commute and get around on a Friday afternoon is a pain, but it turns out that if you do things a little more intentionally, even if they’re harder, you can actually enjoy it more.

So, scooting when it’s raining? Definitely harder. But, the adventure is a lot more than just the “daily commute.”