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Should We Let Kids Decide Educational Policy?

First, let me state unequivocally that I care what students think about education. We should ask them frequently, and incorporate that feedback. Diane Ravitch, in a recent blog post, seemed to advocate though that we should allow students to actively make decisions about intricate elements of educational practice and policy independently. More specifically, she praised a 3rd grader for, independently, opting… Read more →

Authentic Choice

Note: This blog post has been cross-published on bobbycaples.org Most of the time when we give kids a choice, it’s pretty clear to them what we want them to choose. Sure, you’re giving them the choice between finishing their work and missing recess, and they can choose, but my experience has been that giving such choice is only step 1 of building authentic choice.… Read more →


Note: This commentary has been cross-published on bobbycaples.org Just a quick observation in response to a recent post on another education blog. Over the past few years, there has been continuous focus on “over-test” of students, from curriculum-based type assessments such as DIBELS to, of course, full-blown state tests that “count.” A recent blogger felt that, in her experience, the… Read more →

A Lesson From Behavior Management

Note: This commentary is cross-published at bobbycaples.org One of the first lessons most educators learn about behavior management is to promote replacement behaviors. Don’t just tell kids what you don’t want them to do, but what you want them TO do. It seems that some folks positioning themselves as leaders in education (anti) reform have yet to learn this lesson. Highlighting… Read more →

Fixing Indicators

I’m a huge fan of data. I think anyone who argues against it doesn’t understand. No, data should not trump our decision-making and professional decision-making. Yes, qualitative data are valid. Yes, intuition is still helpful. That being said, I think there are certain pitfalls that come with using data in education. One lies in the domain of “indicators,” or general… Read more →

Growth Mindset

Was so happy to come across a recent blog post by another educator about this TED video by Carol Dweck explaining her research on what she calls the “Growth Mindset.” My 20 second summary is essentially summed up in 2 points: Our brains can grow smarter, and do so primarily by engaging in challenging material. If we change our perception and… Read more →

Be Kind and Give Back

There are many ways you can give back to your community, and this does not have to be limited to what season it is.  Just because the holidays are coming up does not mean that we shouldn’t be thinking about community service ideas all year round.  Because most likely, when it’s not the holidays is when people in need really… Read more →