Why Greenville, SC, is a Great Place to Visit

With a population of 60,709, and most always sunny skies, the town of Greenville, South Carolina, has won our hearts as one of the best places to visit at the moment. Besides being a friendly southern town, equipped with European-esque cobblestone streets and quaint little boutiques, Greenville has so many other great things to offer, which is why it should be recognized as one of the greatest places to visit in the United States. So what else should Greenville be acknowledged for? Take a look:

First of all, Greenville has an incredible array of restaurants and bars. Within just a square mile of the downtown area, there are 112 different restaurants to choose from. For a small town with good country-folk, that sure is wide variety of places to choose from. According to an article written by Kate Siber featured in Outside Magazine, Greenville is turning into a town that is well-known for it’s food. Siber writes, “Coming for a weekend? Hit food trucks Neue Southern and Asada for lunch and The Owl, a top gastropub for dinner. Try the chimichurri bison with poblano hash and smoked onion,” (Outside’s Best Towns). So next time you find yourself in Greenville, make sure you stop at one of Siber’s suggested spots to dine.

Another great thing about Greenville, since the weather is usually phenomenal, is that there are many activities in the town that you can participate in outdoors. One of these activities includes Greenville’s notorious biking scene. According to Siber’s interview with Tonya Morris, a 50 year old avid mountain biker: “ ‘There are bike lanes all over the place, and some of the best mountain-bike trails are right in our backyard at Paris Mountain State Park,’ which has 15 miles of trails within four miles of downtown,” (Outside’s Best Towns). This means that all in one day you can enjoy a beautiful bike ride and then head to one of Greenville’s many restaurants for a filling meal.

If you don’t like biking, just an hour outside of Greenville you’ll find the Chattooga and Green Rivers and Saluda Lake, where you can spend your day swimming, fishing, or even taking a ride around on a boat. Or perhaps hiking is more your scene; and, luckily you can get to the Lake Conestee Nature Park and the Dupont State Forest, which are also within an hour’s drive from downtown Greenville.

So, next time you’re planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway for your own well being, be sure to check out Greenville, South Carolina. For more information on Greenville and why it was voted one of the country’s best towns, check out Kate Siber’s article for Outside Magazine here.